Hydraulic System

Metallurgy is the process and process of making metal materials with certain properties through various processing methods.The quality of a hydraulic system depends on the design of the system, and the system's pollution treatment and protection, which can not be replaced by other equipment in the metallurgical industry.The high quality hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve and hydraulic auxiliary parts of the nacre high quality provide guarantee for the stability, safety and long-term operation of the hydraulic system.
With the development of cement equipment large-scale, intelligent, hydraulic technology has been widely applied in cement industry, such as raw material valve under vertical mill, lock the wind, cooling machine transmission, kiln body gear wheel and some supporting high and low pressure lubricating oil station, and so on.Nacre?hydraulic system has rich experience in the design of the hydraulic power pump station, the hydraulic station of the roller and the pump station of the precombustion furnace.
Hydraulic technology with its output power, high control precision, takes up less space and other advantages, widely used in electric power system, including the steam turbine unit oil lubrication system and digital electro hydraulic control system, large power transformer oil discharge nitrogen injection fire fighting system, etc.Nacre?hydraulic system adopts the advanced hydraulic system design standard and concept of the industry to bring stable, reliable and ultra high cost performance to customers.
Nacre is in the ship, the Marine industry and the design institute and the shipyard close cooperation, relying on the high quality hydraulic components and the leading mature technology to provide the customers with a comprehensive system solution.We will work with your designer to make all parts meet your ship's design requirements.At the same time, our engineers will also work with you to optimize your application requirements and reduce the footprint.
Hydraulic system in engineering machinery is an integral part, which is often used in the operation and control of engineering machinery.Mainly consists of oil pump, valve body, tubing, oil cylinder etc.Nacre?hydraulic system relies on the professional team of the hydraulic system in various industries to provide the comprehensive solution of the hydraulic system.