We deliver Hydraulic Cylinders to overseas countries

The rapid growth of China's machinery manufacturing industry has built a huge market for steel consumption, which has injected vitality into the domestic steel market.?


According to metallurgical information, the annual output of CNC machine tools will reach 2 in 2003 and in the next few years.50,000-30,000, annual growth rate is around 18%, and there is a lot of room for development.The variety of CNC machine tools has been developed from more than 1000 to 2000, among which the varieties of advanced and high-grade CNC machine tools are increased from 20% to 40%.Product quality goal, ask for the international standard and domestic advanced enterprises, the host system MTBF reached the level of foreign similar products, it is difficult, and can achieve this goal, the domestic steel quality, varieties and specifications will be an important factor.?


In 2003, our country "west-east gas", "south-north water diversion project", the qinghai-tibet railway, the urban subway and urban and rural infrastructure construction in full swing, the excavators, loaders, caterpillar bulldozers and other large engineering construction machinery has a significant growth of demand, potential market prospect, and steel demand grows with the rapid growth of mechanical products.It is predicted that the steel structure of the construction machinery industry will reach 2.6 million tons in the next few years, with an annual output of 2.There are 50, 000 loaders, each of which is 13.35 tons, about 330 thousand tons of plates;And used for hoisting machinery, pressure casting equipment, all kinds of hoist, flotation machine, shearing machine, steel demand is 3 million tons, and all kinds of cold bending steel and special steel, especially.

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