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Asia international power transmission and control technology exhibition (PTC)

Mechanical and electrical transmission, fluid transmission and control, mechanical parts, springs, bearings international events

Time: on November 6, 2018 - November 9

Venue: Shanghai new international expo center (no.2345 longyang road, pudong new area, Shanghai)

Host: China hydraulic pneumatic seal industry association

China machinery general parts industry association

Hannover milan exhibition (Shanghai) co. LTD

Germany Hanover exhibition co. LTD

PTC ASIA2018 as power transmission and control technology is the most important display window, it is like a magnet to attract and brings together an international well-known enterprise, the innovation of small and medium enterprises, start-up companies, and as many as more than 70 countries from more than 70 professional visitors.

Held for the first time since 1991, PTC ASIA since the development of every two years to every year, exhibition area, exhibits of expanding, a doubling of professional audiences, greatly promote the international communication of the power transmission and control technology market and the development of the trade market.The exhibition not only provides opportunities for many international brands to enter China and Asian markets, but also provides a perfect platform for global sourcing from the Chinese market.

In 2017, the show attracted over 1500 well-known enterprises at home and abroad advanced products and technology, exhibition area of 100000 square meters, a four-day exhibition accumulated professional audience of 98742 people, PTC ASIA is the first in ASIA, the world's second largest international professional event.In 2018, the exhibition will open six pavilions, which will continue the "big industrial platform" mode of hannover, Germany, and open the door to "China intelligent intelligent made 2025".

Scope of exhibits:

1. Fluid power: hydraulic technology, pneumatic technology, sealing technology

2. Mechanical transmission, parts and manufacturing equipment: gear drive, chain drive, belt drive, transmission coupling, spring, metallurgical products, various mechanical equipment and testing instruments

Bearing: bearing and bearing parts, bearing production and processing equipment, related equipment and accessories

4. Linear motion system: linear guide, linear motion drive element/system, linear motion system, electric mechanical actuator, dual motor system

5. Electrical transmission: industrial motor, servo motor, inverter, drive, electromagnetic equipment

6. Service

Famous exhibitors:

Fluid power: Bosch rexroth, Eaton, parker hannen Fen, dh, west Germany, Harvey, Sophie, mooring, g, gates, buchholz, KTR, atos, Hess xuan field, oil research, Robert, hansa - him KeSi mine, pooh, DAIKIN, KAWASAKI, staubli, British and Norman, Dr Nuristan, balluff, festo, SMC, nuo crown, CKD, koganei, new Wallace division, camozzi, He Erbi lattice, matt walker's guest, constant billiton, wonderful, set high, long billiton, gold, new purge, NOK, terry fort, SKF, Germany's seal, KASTAS, division of line, quality hydraulic, walt, Shanghai electric, hydraulic, dawn sea Turk, Volkswagen on hydraulic, lixin, st state by hydraulic pneumatic hydraulic, wuxi, zhenjiang, catic force source, Shanghai xinyi, ningbo sonoma, peaceful wave, spirit, extensive research institute, etc.

Mechanical driving force and electric transmission: the SEW, Siemens, ABB, sumitomo, bond fly, noble, Aaron, tooth, labsystems, EMAG, meteorological, Japan, west king, rossi, escitalopram horse skill, Dana dense g, interpretation of the world, new, beautiful heard by David brown, should be Rio ke, wheat, Kant Ryan, Oriental motor, sanyo, snow lake, high wondering, watt, GSK's horse, stampa, hangzhou forward, jie brand, China and Germany, preach;Wolff, Reynolds, ivi, diamond, chun Ben, dongbao, GUI, donghua, hengjiu, huan ball;O 'peter, conditek, hutchinson, geitz, siegelin, McGowdy, kale, kale, haberstown, barberry, shen, vauley, mikes;Seats, bashkortostan card, three altogether, Martin, spirit feida, heaven, teck mann, NBK, ropas, R + W, Oxford, sacma, the us national machine, resistance to fall, optimal coating buckle, peng chi, bo hao's friends, letter, antal, set of optimal, spring, new WeiZong, superscript, alum, Italian, Mr. Dakota, BMW, mubea, gorakhnathis, force larks, Mick, the beautiful gram, qianjiang, nuclear engineering, nuclear power, shot, jinyuan, yong teng, fujian, golden lion, xlrdzwy, like a tiger, universal, three, pioneering, zhijiang, etc.

Bearing: schaeffler, SKF, T WB, UB C, GGB, N SK, JTEKT, PEER, IKO, humanism, luoyang bearing group, new nison group, crow noth, ring chi, gram, accor, dragon, Venus, threesome, changsheng, wald, etc


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