We deliver Hydraulic Cylinders to overseas countries

1.The pipe is installed to avoid heat source, away from the engine exhaust pipe.If necessary, use the equipment such as casing or protection screen to avoid heat transfer of the hose.

2. When the hose is necessary to cross or work against the surface of the machine, use the protective equipment such as hose clamp or spring to avoid damage to the outer layer of the hose.

3.The bending radius should not be too small when it is necessary to bend the hose. It should be more than 9 times the outer diameter.The hose and joint shall have a straight line that is more than twice ? ?the diameter of the tube.

4. The hose equipment should be avoided in a taut, even if there is no relative movement of local on both ends of the hose, also want to insist on hose slack, tensioning of hose will swell under pressure, intensity is reduced.

5. Don't misinterpret the hose in the process.When the hose is slightly altered, it is possible to reduce the strength and loosen the connector. The joint should be tightened on the hose, not the hose on the joint.

6. If the hose is equipped with a key part, it is recommended to check or replace it.

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